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MIB Srl is very proud to count among her Costumers some of the most prestigious Hotels and Companies.

In this section are shown some technological innovations, practical and elegant at the same time, expressively studied for the Hotels and Companies.
Concerning the flags waving outside of the buildings, as You have probably verified Yourselves, if hanged on traditional poles they tend to fall unrecognizable when the wind does not blow or wrap themselves around the pole when the wind is strong. Anyway, the message of the flag is not legible.

Studying the reaction of the flags in the various meteorological situations, we created a registered system that guarantees a constant visibility to Your flags: the Angled poles with anti-rounding device.
Concerning the standards, their fabric, natural or synthetic, after being exposed to the meteorological  agents, tends to give, resulting flabby and slovenly, becoming therefore highly unaesthetic.

With these considerations in mind, we propose a registered system that can annul for a long time the typical flaws of every cloth, such as deteriorability and pliability, offering at the same time an elegant and innovative design. The cloth utilized is produced for external use, being water-repellent, mould-resistant and colours keeping. Check the Standards and canvas hoods with tension's auto-regulation device and the Banner-bearer for walls with tension's auto-regulation device.

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