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Born with an artisan imprint, today, remaining loyal to her old roots, MIB pays attention to the modern technologies, introducing textile digital printing and computer embroidering machines in her chain of production. Therefore, our Company is able to produce even one single personalized flag, satisfying the needs of Institutions and Municipalities that often ask for few exemplars.
A qualified staff; a vast historical-vexillological knowledge; ample heraldic archives; modern technologies; high level consultants for heraldry and graphics; a storehouse always furnished. MIB can fulfil the most various and different requests of her Costumers.

Among Them, we can proudly mention:
General Secretary of the Italian Republic, Italian Senate, Chamber of the Deputies, Presidency of Council of Ministers, Constitutional Court, High Council of the Magistrates, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Cultural Goods, Custom Officers, General Commands of Carabineers, F.A.O., W.F.P., I.F.A.D., I.N.P.S., I.N.A.I.L., A.N.C.I., C.O.N.I., Italian Federations of Sports, the Holy See, Foreign Embassies, various Italian Municipalities, Provinces and Regions.

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